Silent Hill: Red God Remix

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(Updated: November 20, 2013)
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Review by ThrowgnCpr — August 4, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

It seems as though I may have seen a different edit than white43, because my experience was completely different. I will start off by saying that my DVD copy came directly from the faneditor, so I know I didnt have a bad burn or anything. Also I want to state that while I have a copy of the original, I have yet to watch it. If the edit sounds promising, I try to watch it before the theatrical version so I am not spoiled as much.

video: 6/10 – This seemed like a poor encode. The blacks were noticeably pixelated and light, and the letterboxing was really noisy. Distracting at times.

audio: 2/10 – While I didn’t notice any hard cuts, the audio needed a lot of work still. As I mentioned above, I have not gotten around to watching the original yet, so my first complaint may be present in the original (needs attention though). The score was really loud choppy and overbearing. It seemed chaotic and overpowered the film. Again this may be in the original, but it was quite distracting. Also about 25 minutes into the movie the audio went out of sync. It was quite noticeable and I am amazed that no one else commented on it. It was distracting enough that I had to turn the DVD off.

entertainment: 1/10 – The beginning of the film really makes no sense if you are not completely familiar with the original or the video game. Its really jumpy and poorly set up. The original may be like that, but fanedit or original, it certainly doesnt make for a good movie. Between the poorly mixed score, the jumpy beginning, and sync issues I had to shut the DVD off. I know JasonN has gotten some very nice reviews for his work, so I was looking forward to this. However I was really disappointed. It will be hard for me to get the courage to pop in the original DVD now.

I do recommend that the editor take another look at this. The technical problems (primarily the audio sync) really needs to be addressed.

overall rating: 3/10. Not recommended

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