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Silent Hill: Homecoming
June 30, 2013    
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The original Silent Hill Revelations was a turd. It tried to mix the first movie with the video game mythology and failed. The jump scares were annoying and there was hardly any atmosphere set up. There was a ton of exposition, but it was faithful to the games (at least more than the first film).

Silent Hill Homecoming is much better than the original cut. It removed all of the stupid jump scares and made the film watchable. I did miss the mannequin scene, but it really wasn't needed. The biggest problem with the movie itself was that there was too much exposition. However, that was a necessary evil to merge the universe of the first film with the second.

The film was really short, but that isn't fault of the editor at all. I wish the mirror scene could be removed at the beginning, but that scene was crucial to the plot. I liked how the color changes during nightmare scenes. However, I don't think it was the most successful. I love the Chris's Journey disc feature although I think it would have been better suited on the Silent Hill Restless Dreams edit's special features. The music on the blu-ray menus is really good as well.

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Thanks for the review! If you could, shoot me a PM about how you thought the color changes might have been better executed. It's something I'm still experimenting with, and I'd love any tips or advice. :)

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