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Ok, wow! Just wow! I can't believe Tremault pulled this off! Finally, a shortened version of this bloated film and not an extended (!!!) one! Why the other editors thought best to make this movie close to the three-hour mark is beyond me. If I had to take a guess, is that people are afraid to admit that this movie wasn't very good because of the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman and that this is a tribute to him. But, if that's the case, guys come on, saying that the film is not that good doesn't show disrespect for Chadwick or something like that. We are talking about the movie, not the actor. Obviously, you can just think it is indeed a masterpiece that just needed an extended version and that's fine, I just personally don't get it.

Now, moving on to this edit, in case you didn't get it from my open line, it is phenomenal!! I highly doubt there will ever be a better version of this movie, unless it's made from Tremault herself. And I'm saying that there might be a better version because I have a couple of nitpickings that I will mention in a minute. The cuts were seamless, I could not tell where a scene was cut if my life depended on it. Nothing was missing, nothing was weird or out of place or felt off, instead, the movie was more coherent, to the point, with a very clear arc of Shuri and the most important part, LESS RIRI a.k.a. WANNABE NEW IRON MAN!! For the love of God Marvel, stop trying to make lesser versions of your legacy characters and instead, I don't know, introduce new ones!

My only nitpickings for this are two scenes both involving Riri, and missing subtitles in one scene. The missing subtitles were when Shuri prints at last the magic plant and Nakia (Lupita) comes in and they have a short conversation. That conversation doesn't have subtitles. By the way, huge props to Tremault for having subtitles, the editors that do have them are very few because, obviously, it's a huge pain to make them.

The two scenes that I wish were gone, one was when Riri says "I built my first engine when I was three years old". I mean, enough with the child geniuses, not even Tony Stark did this, no need to try to bring him down with cheap shots like this. The second one was when the Talokan woman gives clothes to Shuri, Riri makes a joke about Star Wars. Not funny and no need for that. From what I noticed, both of those scenes can be cut easily, without trying to have a transition or something.

This is definitely my go-to version for any future marathons, not that I see myself having marathons of the awful multiverse saga, but you never know, by the end we might have a few good films or fanedits! So, I recommend this edit to anyone who shared my feelings for this and I assure you this will be your go-to version too.

Thanks to Tremault for all her hard work and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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Owner's reply June 09, 2023

Thank you so much! I'm so glad this worked for you, and I appreciate the feedback! I do agree with you regarding those two bits of dialogue and they can be cut. the first one you mentioned is over a montage that I want to keep but the speech can be removed with ai. I am also shocked that i somehow missed those subtitles! You said there were two scenes, but only mentioned one, I'll ask you for the other via message and I'll add a revision as an srt file. Many thanks!!

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