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(Updated: September 13, 2012)
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Review by Neglify — April 29, 2012 @ 11:41 pm

This shortened version of “Enter The Void” loses a lot of material from the original but still has a clear-cut beginning, middle and end. The source movie itself is very loose in terms of plot and this edit sticks to the loose structure without losing anything too valuable.

Video Editing – I had no problems with the video editing. For the most part I couldn’t tell the difference between your cuts and the source cuts. 10/10
Audio Editing – Again, no problems with audio. 10/10

Video Quality – The original is intentionally grainy and blurry and the edit looks same. 8/10
Audio Quality – 2.0 audio was used instead of 5.1 audio. 8/10

Entertainment – I really didn’t like “Enter The Void”. I thought it was overlong and tried too hard to be different. Mr. Gone has made what he calls an “Experimental Short Version” of Enter The Void. I felt that it worked wonderfully. The story is now much clearer to me and I didn’t feel like blowing my brains out while watching it. 8/10

Presentation – Simple DVD menus. Mr. Gone included a 6 minute “teaser trailer” that is really more like a music video tribute to the movie. It was really nicely put together and I suggest watching that to see if this edit is for you. 9/10

Do not expect this edit to be a “FanFix”. This is a “FanMix” and is not meant to be viewed as a traditional movie. This is an experimental short fanedit and it worked for me.

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