Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall: The B*llocks Edition (aka The Sherlolly Cut)

Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall: The B*llocks Edition (aka The Sherlolly Cut)
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Taking a few things here and there from "The Empty Hearse" I have created "The Reichenbach Fall: The Bollocks Edition", or, for anyone who likes to romanticise, The Sherlolly Cut, where I've made Anderson's theory at the beginning of Empty Hearse official as the climax to this story, and thus canonising Sherlock and Molly, with Sherlock hanging out with her in exile, the edit ends with Sherlock looking to get back into the game after two years of laying low, he wants Molly to help him, Molly wants dinner...and we leave it there at that. The end. Toss seasons three and four aside, and go down with this 'ship!
Over time, I've come to look down a little on series three and four of BBC's Sherlock, even if they are the basis for three very well-received edits of mine (Little That Remains, Adventure of Cam, and The Lies of Sherlock), they, to me, feel like the encore performance of an exhausted choir who have played all of their big hits and probably should have packed up and headed home by now, so with this edit my intention was to create a nice alternative series finale for the whole show with a more blissful ending for the otherwise more complicated Sherlock and Molly Hooper relationship
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-Sherlock Series Three Original Soundtrack
Sherlock Series Three DVD
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Cuts and Additions:
- Cut John talking to the Psychiatrist, instead the pre-title set-up is the original ending to The Reichenbach Fall episode with Sherlock watching John mourn him at his grave
- Cut original ending of The Reichenbach Fall and replaced it with Anderson's theory from "The Empty Hearse"
- Used second Sherlock and Molly scene from "The Empty Hearse" to close out the episode and take us to credits

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