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The Devil's Rejects is a enjoyable movie but there it stops. Would it could have been is though provoking. Zombie kills that by making the bad guys the cool guys.

After "House of 1000 corpses" was released Rob Zombie said in a interview something like, "with Scream and all those movies the killer became like whatever and it was all about the teens and will the teens survive and ohh my god. Who cares, we don't want to see the teens survive, we only want to see the villains survive because they are much cooler." He says in the commentary track for TDR, during the mirror scene with the sheriff intercut with the Firefly's partying, "what are the sheriff doing? He is sitting alone. The righteous man is a lonely man you want to be the good guy sitting alone going nuts, or do you want to be the bad guy that are at a really good party." yeah but see the problem is that the bad guy is a sadistic necrophiliac maniac that couldn't care less about another humans life (unless you are a "member" of the firefly clan) are we suppose to have forgotten about the Banjo and Sullivan band that was murdered when the free bird end scene comes?

Tranzor takes care of all that and now the bad guys are bad guys, the line kinda blurs between good guy bad guy when Sheriff Wydell caries out his revenge but he needs a lot of booze to be able to go through with it. And he was crying.

Even if you are a fan of the original movie (I am) I think you should give this a watch (it didn't win Fanedit of the Month for nothing) now it sort of is a consequence-story following the first movie, "You thought that the people in 1000corpses was hip and cool, well think again."

Some of the dialog that was taken out could have been kept IMO. Like Jimmy talks about rodeo clowning, now that scene start later and Jimmy goes, "thanks for talking," to Roy. And I go "about what?" Also when Baby does the "Chinese Japanese"-thing and Otis asks Roy if he stares at his sister and thinks bad thoughts, Roy says no and then Otis asks why he doesn't, "are you a fag?" That wasn't over the top silliness, which was Otis doing his psychological abuse thing.

The editing was good, nothing to complain about. Audi/Video was for the most part as the source material, a few times there were interlacing but not much, and we are talking a second here, a few frames there, so all in all nothing to complain about but worth mentioning.

This release is a dual-layer DVD that comes with two versions. One black&white and one color. I liked the color version the best. Tranzor has also recorded a commentary track which I found interesting and there were few silent parts.

All in all a very good fanedit but I don't know if it replaces the original version, kinda comes down to what you want out of the film I guess.
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