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I'm a huge fan of the Shadow as a character in the comics, novels / magazine stories, and radio dramas. The film in 1994 was such a let down to what could have been. When I read about what this edit was trying to do I had to see it. Thanks to lapis molari for their excellent work here.

There were three elements of change I really felt watching this version: the credits, the flashbacks, and the tone. The first is the most obvious. The new title sequences were expertly done and with pinache. Wonderful shots of the comics were a fantastic introduction to the film which itself was trying to keep some of that sequential art vibe. The choice to split up the flashbacks in parts into the various dream sequences was also a relief. We didn't really miss out on anything from the material left on the cutting room floor, and the pacing was drastically improved. Finally the tonality work, cutting some poor humor choices, trimming shots, and so on, did a nice job trying to pull the strings together.

Sadly, as lapis molari notes in the edit description, there's only so much that can be done with the source material. The writers missed opportunities to dive into the Shadow's network of agents and show them as his investigative strength. There could have been much more emphasis placed on his ethical choices and what it means to be irredeemable, yet struggling. Honestly, the franchise deserves another shot on screen. For as many times as they've rebooted Batman, the Shadow could bring something truly wonderful to the big screen.

But until then, this fan edit will have to suffice. Well done.

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