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Last year I made an edit of The Shadow in which the main character’s background story isn’t revealed until he meets his nemesis in the Sanctum - as a flashback. When I read about how the background story was incorporated into his dreams in fanedit ‘The Shadow Knows’, I knew I had to see it.

Well, what can I say? Using his dreams to tell his story is a much better idea. Certainly during his second dream where his love interest already is in his former castle - excellent to put the scene there that opened the original movie, it flows seamlessly. Which goes for the whole movie, as mentioned by others here.

Removing some of the quirky humor was also a good idea - and again seamlessly edited. I also agree with shortening the battle with the knive (in what used to be one of the first scenes). Also nice to see custom made main titles, they look great. But maybe they would be even better if the dissolves to black were replaced by simple dissolves. And them being custom made, I expected to see the fan-edit title, but apparently the choice was made to stick with the original title.

So here’s another fan-edit that puts the original to shame. I’ll enjoy it again and again. Well done!

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