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A wonderful edit, that manages to improve an already great film,
The Shadow was one of the very first DVDs I've ever owned, and I watched it countless times. I was not too bothered with its flaws, but upon reading the list of changes I became very excited to see Lapis Molari's edit. And it is spectacular.
The slight trims throughout the films are flawless and seamless, and improve the pacing greatly. Moreover, truncating the Tibet scenes was a terrific choice, so kudos to Lapis for the idea.
I also loved the new opening credits - they are a lot more meaningful than the original.
Two suggestions:
1) I think there's no need to open the film with 'The Shadow knows' and the laughter (at the 2:11 mark), since their are said again at the end of the first scene and are actually meaningful there.
2) One way to slightly extend the mirrors climax is to insert at 1:30:05 the scene in Tibet in which Ying-Ko is taken to the Tulku's temple and is told "The clouded mind see nothing" (04:33-05:07 in my version). This might help facilitate the Shadow's increased mental ability. Alternatively, it can be used to right before he masters the Phurba.
All in all, even without the minor changes I suggested, this edit is definitely my new go-to version. Thank you!

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