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As many of the forum know, I a huge fan of all things Superman. Smallville in particular, even with all its ups and downs in quality over the years, is a passionate favourite of mine. So anytime someone attempts an edit of this beloved show, I always become very excited and curious. It is in my opinion a very difficult series to edit with it's serialized story lines and conflicting continuity. So anyone who bravely attempts to create a new narrative from this 10 season epic, I automatically take my hat off in respect.

I have not seen Ken's Theatrical Version of this edit, so I can not compare the two in terms of which is better or weaker. I can only comment of what I watched in this Extended Cut and make assumptions based upon his change list.

On the technical side, the video is inconsistent. Most of it is equal to the official dvd release, but there are sequences where this is a slight jitter to the video, as though the frame rate might be encoded wrong? There are also scenes with significant combing... especially the tornado rescue with Clark and Lana.. it is very jarring.

The audio editing is average to good. There are many instances where the transition audio on cut scenes should have been blended better (i.e.. the cut from the pilot with the Kents in the field to Jonathan looking for a truck) or where the audio should have been faded out smoother (i.e. the fade to black scenes in particular).

The edit is broken into two parts split over two dvds. It has a nice menu design, with some extras such as trailers and a "Sharknado" version of the edit.

While watching SEEING RED, I found the narrative had many negative issues. First off, the editor does not seem to be clear what type of narrative he is telling. Is it an origin movie or is it just an edit of a specific storyline (i.e. the red kryptonite saga)? It seems to be both and neither. It opens like an origin movie but then jumps 14 years to the middle/end of another unrelated story. Other than as an action piece, why keep the Dr. Walden stuff and Kawachi Caves? Also, why keep the scarecrow guy? Why introduce elements that will not be later addressed?

I do like the idea suggested by this edit that Clark and Lex grew up childhood friends. At least that is what I assume the way the material is presented. But then it does not explain Lex's suspicion of Clark or why he stole Martha's blood. Is Martha sick? There is no explanation for any of this. Which makes this edit now feel like a specific storyline adaptation. But then why start with Clark's arrival? Why not start with the engagement party?

The through line of this narrative should be the Red Kryponite ring and how it affects Clark. But even this key plot point is very unfocussed. Clark puts on the ring and it turns him bad. But in the next scene preparing for his prom, Clark is normal again. How did that happen? Then the story goes off on a completely unrelated tangent with the tornado and reporter.... why is Lana not at the prom. Why is the next time we see her she is crying in her truck? How come the Luthor mansion/Lex's office is destroyed in the storm but the next scene in perfect condition? Why does Clark turn bad again after his confrontation with the Jor-el AI?

Disk one left me as a viewer feeling very frustrated and confused. The storyline on Disk Two is much stronger and more focused because it almost entirely deals with the red kryptonite story. But my enjoyment of the second half was deflated by the story chaos of the first half. The point of an extended edition is in my opinion is to add texture and additional character moments than enhance the already existing story, not to add new subplots that distract and contradict the story. At least that is how I felt.

Which is really too bad, as the red kryptonite/Lex's marriage is a fantastic and strong story arc and would make an excellent fan edit by itself. Unfortunately, this arc loses it momentum and effectiveness among all the other material in this edit.

In regards to the bonus feature of the "Sharknado" version of Seeing Red.... to be honest, I just did not get it. Other than incorporating footage from the tv movie Sharknado (along with other movies like Twister and Dr. Strangelove) it is not all in the style or tone of this schlock buster that one might suspect based on the title. Instead, the viewer is treated to more of a psychedelic art experiment broken into five parts. It really made no sense to me and I found the use of overlaying two audio tracks on top of each other to be conflicting, distracting and frustrating.

I wish I could say more positive things about this edit, as I had high hopes and believe the editor had the right intentions and some very cool ideas. But for me, a great story got lost in this extended version.

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Owner's reply August 08, 2015

Thanks for the review, bionicbob! I do hope, as a superman fan, you can take the time to see the Theatrical Cut of seeing red as it addresses almost every issue you brought up in the review!

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