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Extended Edition December 01, 2019 5159
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Solid integration of deleted scenes. The crossfades were a nice touch. Although, I don't see much benefit to the deleted scenes, and feel that they just mess up the pacing a bit and, unfortunately, takes you out of the movie a bit due to the lower quality. I know this is the highest quality source available, but still think it's fair to mention.

Another thing I noticed was framerate issues: I don't know if this is an issue with the source, or export, but some scenes are of a noticeable lower framerate. Listed timecodes below:
- 0:06:50
- 0:28:20
- 0:37:20
- 0:52:00

However, this is still a cool edit to check out, and certainly not a bad idea/decision to make it. I'll personally be sticking to the original on a rewatch, but I'd recommend this edit to anyone who was a fan of the original!
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