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FanMix August 13, 2012 2051
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Two lesser known exploitation flicks, merged into an entertaining drive-in twofer. May was more acclaimed - possibly - but Rachel from American 2 is equally memorable. Two polar opposites, yet extremely driven females pursue obsessions. Get out the popcorn with red karo syrup.

Video - Rachel seems to have the heavier cutting, and is completely stronger for it. No annoying subplots, no Shatner buffoonery. Kunis was terrible to begin with, if anything blueyoda’s editing made her more wooden. May is an odder, more creative attempt, though again all secondary characters were lessened for the better. With so much mass cutting, the editing is excellent. Not that you’ll notice, not that you’ll care.

Audio - Solid, nothing untoward here. But! Reading Neglify’s review, I was half hoping for an inspired audio commentary. I suspect that was a trick to lure the unwary into the menacing Chat Room. No subs.

Narrative - Both are fine, surprisingly cohesive. May was the superior film, with better actors and the dark vibe of “the other.” May, I had confused with Kissed (another twisted female film), and I was momentary lost when it started. Rachel, as edited, is breathless. Like hurtling downhill on a runaway roller coaster. Cheap roller coaster.

Enjoyment - Big yes for me! I must confess I preferred the first film, perhaps because it was so gleefully awful and it had more sheer energy. May doubtless has more fans who will nitpick this edit, but Rachel (who is really Rachael!) is an improvement over the original dreck. Still bad, but fun bad.

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