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Dwight Fry gives us a leaner, brisker, smoother version of Scrooge by hosing away all sorts of extraneous crap.

Despite my distase for colorized films in general, I surprisingly found myself liking the strategic use of colorized sequences for certain parts of Scrooge's past and present journey. Dwight Fry chose just the right parts to inject warmth and color.

Some of the rapid-fire dialogue is difficult to follow, even if you're sober. I can't merely blame the British and their funny accents; the audio of older films is unavoidably muffled. I was therefore supermegathankful for Dwight's inclusion of subtitle files. However, I did notice a variety of punctuation and usage errors in the subs, e.g., "seven Christmas Eve's ago," "Are you the spirit who's forecoming was foretold," and others. [I'm tempted to make a minor project of correcting the subs for future Yuletide viewings.]

This is now my favorite screen version of A Christmas Carol. Thank you, Senor Fry.

Enjoyjoy: 10 pelvic aerothrusts.
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