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A/V Quality - 9 - Honestly, I thought this was going to bother the shit out of me. I can be a bit of a quality snob sometimes. But I was immediately taken back to the glorious time that was the late 90s and not only did it not bother me, I loved it. I just can't rate it a 10 because, you know, it looked like crap. But Neg's intentions are fully realized.
Visual Editing - 10 - I love Scream, and I love this. The additional footage was perfect and it was added in such a way that it didn't take me out of it at all. Well done. Also, I loved the trailer at the front that you have to FF through or watch, and when I saw that 'Feature Presentation' I felt like I was a teenager again.
Audio Editing - 9 - I gotta be honest. Neg used Goblin's music better than I did. Super well done here. Some standout audio work and choices for me were during Billy and Sidney's almost sex scene, Sidney's first conversation with Ghostface (how it cuts when she talks to him on the porch), little sting as Billy looks at Sidney in the police station, the actual Billy/Sidney sex scene (that was fucking perfect), the killer reveal and the Ghostface theme throughout. Perfect. I only have to rate it a 9 because I did not like the music when Sidney attacks Billy at the end at all. It seemed very at odds with the scene IMO.
Narrative - 10 - Dope movie, nothing lost, breasts added.
Enjoyment - 9 - I really enjoyed this edit. Obviously I'm a fan of the music but it is used so well here. Scream is great but to be able to enjoy it the way I first owned it + Goblin tunes = awesome.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Neg. Really glad you did.

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