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Overview - Groundbreaking and fresh when first released, Scream has now been copied and parodied so much that return viewings now seem stale and predictable. Neglify drags a rather scrubbed and polished film straight into grindhouse hell. And the result is so much the better.

Video - Awful, by design. Cropped to 4.3 to resemble the VHS experience. The top of the screen suffers pronounced curling and distortion. Noise appears at random times, as does flutter. Then there are surprise, inserted scenes. Colour does not match, nor does brightness or focus. That said, the video itself did not suffer from over used damaging.

Audio - Pretty good here. I warble frequently about not being able to transition from deafening explosions to whispered dialogue, but no problem here. Sound mix excellent.

Narrative - The additional sequences, a few seconds here and there, actually improve the story. Adding a flashback element to the main character’s (Sidney’s) intimacy issues and obvious weird dreams. The narrative does not lose coherence due to trims.

Enjoyment - Watched this Halloween night and enjoyed it a lot. I have not watched the original in years, in fact, I’m tired of it and the boatload of sequels. This will be the version that plays at Halloween parties from now on, if only to hear someone wonder aloud if this is the unrated, European version.

Definitely one for Gaillo fans - even if you’d only watched one or two Argento or Fulci. Be aware this ain’t your daddy’s Scream, though. It looks like something Frantic Canadian picked up at the pawn shop for loose coins.

Brilliantly executed.

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