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Scream – The Giallo Cut
September 09, 2012    
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What can I say about this edit that has not already been said?

This is an awesome cut of an already good film. I've always liked Scream for its novel approach to the slasher genre-- and though the idea was great and the execution good, the FEEL of the original film was that of a conventional American slasher flick. Perhaps this was the goal of Wes Craven and co. but nevertheless it did not make the film memorable from an audio-visual standpoint compared to say, Suspiria-- a film that immediately evokes certain sights and sounds simply by the feel it imparted upon me.

Enter the Giallo cut--I was hooked from the start. The trailer that precedes the film is cut to the beat of the theme from Argento's Tenebre. It immediately throws you back to the old-school giallos-- and then the first scene, brilliantly rescored and culminating in the masterful Suspiria theme. The look and sound of the film gives it a whole new texture and feel--now you not only watch the story play out, but are disturbed by it (again a reference to how disturbing the old giallos were--see Deep Red, Tenebre, Opera.. they were old school, but there was always something creepy and off about them). This mood is captured perfectly in this edit. The gruesome freeze frame over which the credits play out to great music tell you what you're in for, and even if you've seen the movie simply up to that point, you won't lose the image anytime soon-- unlike the original where, no disrespect intended, but it plays out like just another scene.

The creepy mood and look Neglify brings to the film remains through it. It feels like an old VHS you found and realize you shouldn't be watching (like when I snuck away with uncle's VHS copy of Brainscan-- nightmares for a kid sigh). The unique spin brought on by the classic music amplifies the film's horror and excitement. This edit is everything it promises to be and then some. I enjoyed the original Scream. I both enjoyed and was terrified by the Giallo cut. This will be my go-to version of the movie.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Thank you for making this. Cheers!

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