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FanMix September 09, 2012 4174
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Scream. Goblin. VHS. Tits. Neglify. Need I say more?

Of course not, saying "tits" might actually be enough for a lot of you, but I'll say more nonetheless: I appreciated the cutting back of the meta/self-aware stuff a LOT. For a lot of people that's what made this movie and saga stand out, but for me it overstayed its welcome real fast, even in the original. If anything, I wish some more of it would have been cut, maybe some lines from the video store scene, and definitely that "last scare resurrection" I've always hated.

Video/audio is of course crap, meaning it's perfect. I do agree about the music levels being too loud in detriment of the dialog, but I suppose it's the price one has to pay for working from a 2.0 source without isolated dialog. There's a high-pitched beeping sound in the background all along that initially worried me, but I was able to forget about it quite soon.

On, and in case I haven't mentioned it... TITS.
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