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Let me say that this edit was AMAZING... The concept was brilliant and it was just a great time watching it... I would go as far as to say this will have a permanent spot in my Fave Five... if there was such a thing as my Fave Five... or if I was to create a Fave Five... I'm rambling but not for nothing this was a fun watch....

The concept itself was really fresh and the fact that he pulled directly from the VHS version was genius.... It made the edit for me... I was sold on that concept alone... but then he throws in the Italian rock and made Scream (which I also find to be a solid horror flick as is) a different beast... The mood of the flick completely changed... not for the better... not for the worst... It became a new take which was on par with the original version for totally different reasons...

My only complaint and it was very minor was that I agree with Rogue on the levels of the music.... It was edited perfectly... I just found it louder then required by a small touch... hense the one score of 9 in the Audio Quality area...

It was a masterful and perfect edit that I can't recommend enough....

I can only hope part 2 is in the works and if a VHS version is required I would be happy to donate to the cause lol...


Boobs and a Sex Scene (music for this made me actually giggle)

Download this NOW... 10/10

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