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Well this was a new way to experience a fanedit. Instead of watching it right after getting the Blu Ray of Scream 4 I had this on my hard drive for quite some time because I never felt in the mood. Today I talked about how much I liked Scream 4 and instead of rewatching the original I put in this disc to see if it would be a possible improvement/replacement if I ever again get in the mood of Scream 4.

Does it replace my Disc?
No, but it was close.

Most of the cuts are super well executed and you don't notice them. The only two instances I noticed the editor's work was after the scene where the kids talk at the fountain and the cut from the police murder to Sidney.
Neg got rid of a lot of things that troubled me - especially the killing of the reporter is something I am so glad the way it plays out in this edit! This was really the most generic horror moment in the entire film and I am glad that it is gone.
Same goes for the Bruce Willis line - it is funny but the movie at this point is in serious mode so it should not be there and is not missed.
The added deleted scenes put a good focus on the new kids although I kind of see why the fountain discussion was cut as the killer is using the same line abotu there being a movie in both scenes so it was a bit of a giveaway.
Also removal of the red hering police character is good, it was just too suspicious a set up to make for a believable killer. in a movie like scream we don't look for obvious motifs but for the most innocent person to be the killer.

Now the reason this doesn't replace my dvd is the ending.
I really like the original ending especially the line about remakes and originals but that is not the issue i have with the ending here.
I was talking to a friend about how i love that scream 4 is a standalone movie with no promises for future installments/tie ins. From time to time I just want to watch a movie and be done with it and not having to wait for the sequel to fill in the blanks.
Removing the final fight and focusing on Jill is a great way to end this movie and would have made for a very provocative ending - the only thing that lessens it is the "sidney might pull through" jump ending whcih promises a new storyline that gets cut off
it is a fun way to end a movie but to me much less fulfilling than the original or ending with jill actually winning

but other than that this is a rock solid entry and a great alternative to scream 4

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