Scream 3: The Extended Threequel

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Brief Synopsis:
As production begins on the third Stab film, based on the Woodsburo murders, suddenly the murders start again as Sidney is drawn back into the madness, where as the rules go out the window, and everybody is a suspect!

An all new alternate opening, alternate ending and deleted scenes are all reintegrated into the film, with 17 minutes of new footage now back in the film.
After seeing how much alternate stuff there was for Scream 3, I thought it would be fun to see what the film could of looked like before reshoots, reintegrating the original opening and ending.
Other Sources:
Scream (1996) Soundtrack - The Game Begins
Scream 3 (200) Soundtrack - Cotton Gets Picked
Scream 4 (2011) Soundtrack - Opening Part 1

All 3 tracks were used to rescore the alternate opening, of which originally completely devoid of music. Hopefully the new blend of tracks works well!
Release Information:
Special Features
- Alternate Opening, and Theatrical Opening
- Commentary on Deleted Scenes with Director Wes Craven, producer Marianne Maddalena and editor Patrick Lussier
Cuts and Additions:
- cut Ghostface chasing Cotton's girlfriend around their apartment, as to match continuity with the alternate opening
- added alternate Ghostface encounter with Cotton, as he explores his apartment alone instead of with his girlfriend as happens in the theatrical cut, with some new spooks
- rescored this entire section as the DVD included no music at all
- added alternate shot from the other alternate opening, and rotoscoped a new background to fit the continuity of it's new placement
- added new scene with Sarah Darling arriving at the studio, with security tightened after the latest attack
- extended scene as someone stalks Sarah Darling through the studio
- added new scene with the cast of Stab 3 discussing who Ghostface is this time
- added alternate ending with different editing, exposition and action
- edited a character out of the epilogue as they now die in the alternate ending

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