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Scott Pilgrim Vs the Editor is a wonderful edit. I hadn't seen the movie in quite a while before watching this edit, so I didn't specifically notice many of the edits, which is probably a good thing. That said, most of the deleted scenes are of noticeably lower quality than the rest of the movie, which was a bummer, but in terms of visual/audio timing they were edited in so seamlessly that it wasn't a big deal. The only added scene which I would have personally left out was the 'advanced american slut technology' line. I love the line a lot but it has far and away the roughest transition, it's clear from a mile away that it was pasted in the middle of an existing scene. None of these problems really matter though, as there is obviously limited footage to work with and there's only so much that can be done.

Going through the movie I was enjoying myself a lot, but I wasn't sure if enough was added to truly justify watching this edit as opposed to the convenience of watching it on netflix. After taking a closer look at the changelist after viewing, I was pretty surprised at how much stuff I thought was in the original, but was actually added in here. I'll have to rewatch the original soon to properly to get a fuller comparison, but for now i'll say that there's just enough here that I would choose it over the original. All the right scenes have been fleshed out to enhance the emotional core of the movie greatly.

I wasn't a fan of the animation at the start, only because it has absolutely no bearing on the plot, and it isn't really all that good on its own (wouldn't have made me think it should have played before the movie anyway). It's far from a dealbreaker though.

Overall, this is a fantastic edit. Normally I don't bother with extended edition edits, because the effort of downloading and managing a bunch of edits on my computer is a lot of work compared to just putting in a bluray, and normally it's just for a few minutes of extra (debatably beneficial) footage. But this movie is a special case where a lot of the best stuff got left on the cutting room floor, and the reintegration of them results in an edit that's surprisingly better than the sum of it's additions. Excellent job, RoccondilRinon.

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