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FanMix March 02, 2013 3639
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Foreword: I haven't seen the original in sometime, which I prefer for watching edits and I also didn't review the changes (log) ahead of watching, which I also prefer. I looked at the edit list back when I downloaded the edit, but I like to not know what I'm walking into; I don't watch an edit for a few months or more after downloading it.

What I liked: I enjoyed some of the new music as well. It was engaging and had a stream lined story. The video game graphics and cut scenes were awesome, made the whole thing feel exciting.

What I didn't: The intro was very good at letting you know what was happening but between the fight scenes I didn't always understand the jump. If I was going to be nit-picky, I'd also mention that it is pointed out as 8-bit graphics but the graphics are 16-bit (at least I thought so judging them by the NES and SNES)...really a very small thing.

Overall: I really enjoyed this and it felt more ambitious than most edits, and for that reason if felt fresh and a very different experience than the original. I would recommend people check this out. I don't think this replaces the original but it does sit well alongside the original.

Extra: Keep up the good work. I think if you had the time and will you could make this even more compelling. Some of the scenes cut in were a lot lower quality, which is not your fault and made them standout. The new footage might sit along with the main footage better, if the main footage was slightly lower quality too? Just a thought.

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