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So I was not a big fan of the Scott Pilgrim movie. However I am a big fan of old school video games (I had an original nintendo - and it remained in good condition for a long time - no need to blow in to the cartridges or the cartridge slot...) but I digress.

Scott Pilgrim Punch Out Edition. So I was aware of this edit for a long time but just didn't have much interest in it. However, I didn't really know anything about the edit, I hadn't read the cutlist or intention. I really enjoyed That One Guy's Equation of Crime. I thought it was pretty inventive. So I decided to take a chance on this edit.

Nice DVD menus. I always like when an editor takes the time to create some decent looking DVD menus.

The narrative was good and I felt like I was watching a video game. The pacing was great, and I gotta say I don't mind a short running time!

Some of the transitions and fades were a bit abrupt. And I noticed a few rough spots in the audio (but I kinda purposefully listen for those when I watch edits - probably a bit unfair, but has changed me lol).

The audio and video quality were good.

Another creative and inventive edit! Nicely done That One Guy!

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