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Say Anything... Extended Edition
Extended Edition
October 12, 2012    
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Foreword: I haven't seen the original in sometime, which I prefer for watching edits and I also didn't review the changes (log) ahead of watching, which I also prefer. I looked at the edit list back when I downloaded the edit, but I like to not know what I'm walking into; I don't watch an edit for a few months or more after downloading it.

What I liked: Seeing the movie with all of the extra footage.

What I didn't: A lot of the scenes put back in were jarring. Especially the speech in the beginning because the original had an echo and the added in footage didn't. I would have liked to seen a little more attempt to blend in the new footage.

Overall: I think the editor did what he wanted to do and that is great. I didn't feel the movie better in this way than the original and actually makes the movie drag a little bit. Watching this really made me appreciate the original cuts.

Extra: Keep up the good work. I don't want you to feel I was bashing you, rather the way you had added back the scenes was really well done, just felt the movie was better without them, which I know wasn't the point of your edit.

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