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Say Anything is one of my all-time favorites from the 80's. I really enjoyed this edit, but not for any of the usual reasons. I was very interested in seeing the additional scenes and I can very well see why they were excised by the original editors. The theatrical version was well balanced and the cuts were well thought out. This edit really makes me appreciate the film editors craft. I really wish Neglify would have used the alternate scenes that he didn't have the nerve to use, just to see a greater contrast with the theatrical version.

The editing itself seemed well done, given the source material. Obviously, the deleted scenes were noticeable for their lack of audio and video quality, but Neglify did extremely well in making it as seamless as possible.

I do not intend this review as any sort of slam on the fan editor. On the contrary, I appreciate what he did. It gives me a greater understanding of this 80's classic and the art of film editing.

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