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Savage Sword of Conan: Mask of Archeron
May 27, 2013    
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Attempted reboot of the Conan character. Detailed sets, overdone CGI (nothing new there), production values that Milius would have killed for. As the Cimmerian, Jason Momoa is no Schwarzenegger, though he is better than poor Ralf Moeller. For a lite edit, Agent9 trimmed a hefty 25% of the running time, replaced the score, and recoloured the film.

Video - Solid, rich colour throughout, even desert scenes didn’t look washed out, as so often happens filming under such harsh lighting. Later sequences inside/under the temple were full of blacks and shadows, no artifacts or flaws. Never noticed any odd transitions or jarring trims. Pro level all the way.

Audio - Robust 2 channel stereo - no subs. Dialogue clear throughout. Never caught any bleed through of the original score during the Poledouris cues.

Narrative - Ha! Axe 25% of the narrative and still make sense? Well - yes. C’mon, you ever read any of the Robert E Howard original tales? They pound like a racing cheetah. So does this edit and is completely for the better for it. Plot is sheer pulp, with few lulls in the tempo.

Enjoyment - Of course. The original wasn’t as awful as rock lobbers decry. Score it a 6/10. Agent9's edit is more entertaining, however. Plus, being briefer, one can load up another barbarian quickie (Hundra? maybe not). Easily recommended for swordplay buffs or fans who need a fresh Conan fix.

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