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The original film was a complete disgrace to Conan and cinema in general. I think I remember rating it a 2/10 after I first saw it. Just a complete mess that seems unsalvageable but then again after seeing a Phantom Menace fanedit that completely turned the crap film around, I guess I can't be surprised at anything anymore, lol.

Anyways, Agent 9 made a damn near perfect edit of this film and turned it almost completely around and into a very very watchable and mostly enjoyable movie. There are still some annoyances, most of which are just from characters alone and not due to editing, but overall this edit took a 2 and turned it into a 7 for sure.

I see in the comments, Agent 9 is aware there may be some issues, and yes, some minor stuff could turn this into an 8/10 easily. Early on, some of the soundtrack is too loud and drowns out Ron Perlman's dialogue but the remainder of the film it's not an issue. If I were to suggest some easy cuts, I'd say toss the whole octopus scene completely; it's wholly unnecessary and kind of crap anyways. I understand the want to keep it for nostalgia sake to compare with the '82 snake scene, but there's no need for it. Also, in the finale, there could be some small chops to remove the witch a little more, who is annoying at all times - and if possible, the whole "possession" sequences could be cut (and mute the audio of the girl saying "let me go" every 2 seconds).

But really, I can't complain much. It's amazing that there was a good film to be found at all in this movie, so kudos to you Agent 9 for making sterling silver our of a turd.

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