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(Updated: November 09, 2014)
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Well, I am a fan of blueyoda's assembly work, because in every piece there are moments of true original genius. This is also true for this one. When the beating of Biff raping Lorraine turns from run 2 to run 3, it was really tense and I found myself entirely caught in the short movie. I had a somwhat hard time getting into it though. Run 1 was quite confusing and it took me some convincing myself and trying hard to adapt to the pace, the sound and the cuts, because it is an experience in its own kind. Well, I guess when it comes to art and to artsy approaches, this can be tolerated or even expected from the artist.
Knowing "Run, Lola, Run" and being very impressed by it, the theme wasn't new to me and Lola does a far better job working as a movie for the masses in its accessability and the narrative structure. This here was a weird time travel dream inspired by it and as such, it was a much more difficult task for me as the audience. I agree to what Adabisi said about being essential for this short to know the original BTTF and this is a part that is not good, because I think a thing should stand on its own, or feature the words that knowing BTTF is necessary to follow the plot (and know, why Marty is in the scenes at all).
However, thank you, blueyoda for taking me again on such an interesting drive through the world of your wide imagination.
As usual I have added one point to narrative and enjoyment, because of FE's policy of being supernice.

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