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Review by Kolpitz — September 4, 2008 @ 7:59 am

Say what you will about (the original) Day of the Dead’s faults, they’re nothing compared to the abomination that WAS Land of the Dead. Zombies that can learn simple commands is one thing (and, let’s face it, Bub is kind of annoying) but the zombies on display in Romero’s original cut were just downright silly. Mollo’s cut of LotD is one the best edits that I’ve watched since finding this site. Although there are some obvious insert shots (like Dennis Hopper getting bitten on the neck), the editing is so good that it all just flows in your mind and that’s what matters. His new opening is fantastic, despite some obvious overlay on the TVs. The only continuity error I noticed in the edit was the legless zombie that jumps on Dead Reckoning. In Romero’s cut, he falls into Dead Reckoning and attacks the crew, cut to that awful gag with Pillsbury throwing him out. But, unless I missed something, he still jumps on Dead Reckoning but then he just disappears. Oh well, small potatoes when you consider that 99% of this edit is a HUGE improvement over the original. While it’ll never be onpar with (the original) Night of the Living Dead or (the original) Dawn of the Dead, or even (the original) Day of the Dead, I think this cut can at least stand beside its brothers with its head held high. Now, the big question, can Mollo save Diary of the Dead (or are the few shots in your LotD cut the most that can be salvaged from that film)?
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