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TV-to-Movie November 18, 2012 2982
(Updated: February 17, 2013)
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Its been an interesting day watching this back to back with Kerr's Assassination of Julius Caesar. You both approached the Rome TV show from such different angles. I honestly expected Kerr's greater focus on the politics to be more to my taste, but as it turns out, I think I enjoyed this edit more overall with the greater focus on the two soldiers. This approach is more in line with the original story in which the politics are the backdrop. The story of their friendship is just so potent that it really makes everything else click. You took the best of the material from season 1 of the show and wove it together in a very satisfying way.

4 hour runtime is a bit long. I think this might have benefited from dropping a few more scenes and getting the runtime down closer to 3 hours, but if I can make it through Fellowship of the Ring, I guess I can make it through this. It works as a movie in its own right. The ending is depressing but well done and I'm glad you chose to end it the way you did. If you never did anything with season 2, I still think this stands on its own fine.

There were a couple rough cuts/fades in part 1 that reminded me I was watching a fanedit, but I didn't make note of when they occurred. A minor blemish to a job overall well done.
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