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FanMix August 12, 2018 12056
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I enjoyed Rogue One when I first saw it, but after a second viewing and some thought I found it lower on my list than I initially believed.

I was intrigued when I first saw the trailer for this edit. Then, considering that it's just under an hour, I downloaded and watched it then and there. I loved it.

Considering how little I actually cared about the characters in Rogue One, I was glad to see this version focused more on the actual stealing of the Death Star plans, rather than it's bland character subplots. Though I was sad to see Chirrut Îmwe have less screen time, I consider it the lesser of two evils. I'm also amazed at the flawless implementation of music by John Williams into numerous segments of the film.

This edit takes a the worst and leaves the best, then makes it better. It picked the perfect place to start and gave us everything we need to know in a crawl. While I like the idea of Rogue One not having an opening crawl, I consider it very well used here, as a means to explain what is happening in the story and who is important (subjects covered in the scenes that were cut). If I had to choose between this and Rogue One, especially during a marathon, I would choose this.

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