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Winner and still champion.... Last Survivor!!!!

....cue Tom Conti Rocky fanfare!

I was privileged to watch the work print of this edit a few months back.

And it was very, very good.

But this final version?



This the Rocky V fans deserved. Thanks LS!

This edit gets to the core of what makes Rocky work as an iconic character and jettisons the over the top, caricature moments.
This FEELS like a Rocky movie!
While the original version just felt like it was suffering from an identity crisis... not quite a throw back/tribute to the original and not a true fleshed out worthy next chapter either.

The edited story is kept tight and focused, continuity issues are addressed and corrected, and the 80's rock style soundtrack infuses the new narrative with the perfect uplifting and inspirational energy!

Once again, Last Survivor has demonstrated his superior ability with sound replacement. The new opening titles, the two training montages and closing fight are all brilliant work. In fact, the new version of the street fight is so vastly superior to the original, I can not even imagine it being staged any other way.

All the new music choices work wonderfully, both in terms of sound and lyrics. I am glad LS stuck with the 80s rock sound and did not pursue the Electro Version soundtrack idea. As a bonus feature, an electro version of one the training montages is included, and I have to be honest, it left me completely cold.

In other bonus features, LS includes one of his famous commentaries. His passion for Rocky and Sylvestor Stallone is evident, and it was a joy to listen to his insights. It is a great commentary.

There is also a very cool teaser trailer for Last Survivor's next project, which he talks about briefly in his commentary. Not to spoil anything, but it looks awesome!

Needless to say, technically this edit is excellent. The picture quality is almost equal to my dvd version and sound work is exceptional.

So if you have been wondering whether to download this edit or not, wonder no more -- this is a MUST SEE fan edit!

Pure Popcorn Fun!
Thumbs way UP!

Thanks for the great entertainment LS.
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