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(Updated: December 12, 2013)
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I hesitated chasing after this. Wary of yet another franchise edit.
Did not care for this on initial viewing.
Luckily, Robots Vs Kung Fu was brief, so I watched it again.
Yowzer, much more enjoyable.

Solid work here. Editing was deliberately, royally screwed up, in a good way, in a bad way.
Some of the Johnny Mnemonic scenes worked better than others. All were terrible, which only made the film funnier.
Narrative wise, the film hung together as an alternative version - that doesn't always go as intended with edits, but it did here.
Audio editing: Hate Space. Reminded me of a fourteen year old with a Casio keyboard.
Moreover, some of the Hong Kong cuts distracted me no end. A half recognized tune caused me to go, "wait, wait, that's from -- that's from --" then the music was gone. Aarrggh!
On the audio plus side, and this is major. Outstanding commentary track! Focused, always pertinent to onscreen, informative, interesting. mgh, this is one of the best commentaries I have listened to, including a lot of so-called professional ones. Top marks here, babe.

Also downloaded and viewed the supplements. Nothing to say. Did not burn.

For what this set out to do, make a crappy, enjoyable grind version of The Matrix, this succeeded brilliantly. Looking forward to chapter 2 -- even if it takes a couple years.

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