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(Updated: January 14, 2023)
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I do appreciate that Grindhouse is meant to be downgraded, and thusly allows for inclusion of poor quality video clips. Yet to me (as a newbie and firm sitter on sofa) it seems like this may have been shoddied beyond what was necessary. That said it is but a quibble as the really low definition is used sparingly on film that got alot of colour balanceing and it ends up looking artistic. At least 'The Matrix' footage is high quality, with the snazzy frazzles that mimick well used projectors being artfully done to boot. RVKFU pushes the limits....

Got alot of laughs all the way through. If Grindhouse is about subversion then this is a masterpiece of the vocation. Cutting in those clips from that unoffical Matrix prequel (as other reviewers mention) sets the tone and serves to inglorify the characterization of Neo in the best of ways. Behind the scenes footage at every highly staged juncture keeping one in a relflective mood. With assortments of audio clips filling gaps and adding some extra story (one in particular '... tweny grand' is too good - too bad its partially muffled and its got a tight window to be squeezed into but I wish it was a clearer 'tell him I'll pay....' hehahea) U'll not get bored. Watch it!!!

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