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This one was a little tough to review. I'm not a connoisseur of grindhouse films, and fanedits is what's introducing me to the genre.

It's gloriously, gleefully terrible. So, where is that deliberate, and where accidental (and not happy accident). I re-watched with the faneditor's commentary to put that into context.

With that context, the edit is great. The grain & scratch filters are obvious from the start, the liberal use of other movies (mostly Johnny Mnemonic--a guilty pleasure of mine) and unfinished footage jumps out and mostly works. There's a few cuts of behind the scenes that felt a bit over done. The bad audio jumps are just part of the fun, even though a good chunk of Morpheus' lines *really* stand out. The bad color grading, bad camera angles, screwed up continuity is giggle-inducing.

It was fun seeing how a different edit can change the thrust of the story and characters. It took the commentary viewing to really get where matrixgrindhouse was going with it though.

The fake trailers were great. Those really helped you get into the mindset. You could almost smell the burnt/stale popcorn and feel the stick floor by the time the movie started.

In the final assessment, I greatly enjoyed this edit. There were numerous laugh out loud moments. Now I want to see some of those previewed movies.

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