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For most kids growing up in the early 90s, this mad hatchet-job was their first introduction to Paul Verhoeven's violent masterpiece; and I'm very pleased to say that the editor has done a masterful job at recreating it in all its ridiculous glory. Whilst not at all impressed at the time, it was such a pleasure to revisit the bad dubbing, censored violence and alternate scenes, which made this version the legend that it has rightly become. The overdubs are pretty much exactly as I remember them from the ITV version and include everything from the hilariously bad "why me" to the obviously inserted "airhead" which became the nadir of bad TV censorship. The cuts for the most part are excellent, there are one or two places where the soundtrack falters as swearing is either dubbed, or omitted, but it's barely noticeable against the brilliant whole. If you remember this version with fondness (or rage), or even if you just want to laugh at the kind of thing we had to put up with back then, I seriously recommend you give this version a try!

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