Robocop: The Black and White Edition

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This is a Black & White edit of Robocop 1 & 2. Some alternative cut of the earlier Extreme Edition.
To make a more improved version of it now in 2.35.1. In the making of The Extreme Edition some idea's didn't work but in this cut my first ideas are succeeded.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Black and White
- 2.35.1 Widescreen
- Alternative opening
Cuts and Additions:
- Murphy taken to the hospital (Same as Extreme Edition but now with no credits and other music overdub)
- Newsbreak is trimmed to some important things all the funny stuff is cut out
- Like the extreme edition is Murphy a loner, so all scenes of the Wife and Son is cut and he is working already in that police station this with some extra scenes
- There are many many little trims in scenes in the whole movie
- The Dead of Murphy in the shooting is a little bit trimmed ( of course the so called director's cut)
- There are a few more scenes in the build up of the Robocop
- There is no acquaintance between Murphy and Lewis, they already know each other
- After Lewis has the suspicion that Murphy is the Robocop, the scene where he has some flashbacks to the shooting then we have a newsbreak with the introduction of Cain
- From that point we are in the Robocop 2 footage and i switch then to R1 with the scenes of Jones and Morton also with the killing of Morton
- Also a lot of trims in scenes of the R2 footage and after Cain is caught we are back in R1 When Emil recognize the Robocop as Murphy by the gasstation
- From that point he reminds what Lewis has told him and then he goes after Boddicker and his gang
- All the scenes of the Robo Cain is cut, there is only some action scenes from R2 in this, the rest is cut
- Arresting Jones is trimmed
- Lewis taking some stuff to the Robocop is trimmed
- Boddicker testing some powerful weapons is cut
- Arresting Jones again in the OCP building is a little trimmed

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This is a fun edit - all the action from Robocop 1 &2 packed into 83 minutes. It's a wild ride and any fans of the original will enjoy this. The narrative is a little lopsided towards part 1, so we don't fully get why the events from part 2 are happening, but I'm not sure we really care all that much. There's bad guys and Robocop is fighting them. Good enough. The B&W treatment is fairly well done, although it's more grey & greyer than black & white. It's really tough to do a B&W conversion and the editor has done about as good a job as possible. The only thing that really threw me was the news reports - it was very odd seeing news report in black & white when you know that colour TV exists in the Robocop world. All told, this is a fun edit and recommended for anyone who enjoys some good action.
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