Robocop: The Black and White Edition

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This is a Black & White edit of Robocop 1 & 2. Some alternative cut of the earlier Extreme Edition.
To make a more improved version of it now in 2.35.1. In the making of The Extreme Edition some idea's didn't work but in this cut my first ideas are succeeded.
Release Information
Editing Details:
- Black and White
- 2.35.1 Widescreen
- Alternative opening
Cuts and Additions:
- Murphy taken to the hospital (Same as Extreme Edition but now with no credits and other music overdub)
- Newsbreak is trimmed to some important things all the funny stuff is cut out
- Like the extreme edition is Murphy a loner, so all scenes of the Wife and Son is cut and he is working already in that police station this with some extra scenes
- There are many many little trims in scenes in the whole movie
- The Dead of Murphy in the shooting is a little bit trimmed ( of course the so called director's cut)
- There are a few more scenes in the build up of the Robocop
- There is no acquaintance between Murphy and Lewis, they already know each other
- After Lewis has the suspicion that Murphy is the Robocop, the scene where he has some flashbacks to the shooting then we have a newsbreak with the introduction of Cain
- From that point we are in the Robocop 2 footage and i switch then to R1 with the scenes of Jones and Morton also with the killing of Morton
- Also a lot of trims in scenes of the R2 footage and after Cain is caught we are back in R1 When Emil recognize the Robocop as Murphy by the gasstation
- From that point he reminds what Lewis has told him and then he goes after Boddicker and his gang
- All the scenes of the Robo Cain is cut, there is only some action scenes from R2 in this, the rest is cut
- Arresting Jones is trimmed
- Lewis taking some stuff to the Robocop is trimmed
- Boddicker testing some powerful weapons is cut
- Arresting Jones again in the OCP building is a little trimmed

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This is a fun edit - all the action from Robocop 1 &2 packed into 83 minutes. It's a wild ride and any fans of the original will enjoy this. The narrative is a little lopsided towards part 1, so we don't fully get why the events from part 2 are happening, but I'm not sure we really care all that much. There's bad guys and Robocop is fighting them. Good enough. The B&W treatment is fairly well done, although it's more grey & greyer than black & white. It's really tough to do a B&W conversion and the editor has done about as good a job as possible. The only thing that really threw me was the news reports - it was very odd seeing news report in black & white when you know that colour TV exists in the Robocop world. All told, this is a fun edit and recommended for anyone who enjoys some good action.
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