Rob Zombie's Halloween (The 1978 Edit)

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Rob Zombie's Halloween (The 1978 Edit)
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Death Has Come to Your Little Town
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The 1978 Edit really aims to take Rob Zombie's Halloween and make it closer in tone to its predecessor. The entire white trash family angle is gone, Michael never speaks as a child, and both the gore and language have really been toned down. The pacing is very lean and tight. Almost the entire movie has been rescored with a lot of music coming from the soundtrack to Halloween 2018.
I remember how excited I was to see Halloween 2007 in theaters. The trailers looked incredible and I loved the look of the mask. 10 minutes in, I almost walked out. I'd never been so let down by a Halloween movie and we're talking about a series that has Halloween: Resurrection. My original goal to doing Halloween edits was to take movies in the series I absolutely hated watching and fashion versions of them I could actually enjoy. I don't want to limit the number of Halloween sequels I can throw on on a rainy day. Hopefully other Halloween fans out there can do the same!
Other Sources:
Music from Halloween (1978 and 2018) as well as Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to jswert123456 for creating a great custom blu-ray cover!
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
1) Michael's time as a child significantly trimmed.
2) No morning breakfast scene, scenes with Michael being bullied, killing the bully, or any of the scene with Michael speaking that Halloween night.
3) Trimmed sex scene with Judith and her boyfriend.
4) Created new title cards with "Haddonfield, Illinois" and "October 31st, 1990."
5) Cut scenes with Michael's mother as a stripper.
6) Rescored Halloween night murders with "Return of the Shape" from Halloween 4.
7) Ronnie, Steve, and Judith's death scenes have all been trimmed.
8) Shot of Ronnie cropped to eliminate massive geyser of blood.
9) News anchor and EMT scene trimmed.
10) Cut shot of child Michael breaking the fourth wall and looking at the camera.
11) Cut all scenes of Michael speaking at Smith's Grove.
12) Created a montage of Michael's time at Smith's Grove, narrated by Loomis.
13) Created custom "Halloween" and "17 Years Later" title cards.
14) Danny Trejo completely cut.
15) Trimmed Loomis telling Michael its his last day.
16) Custom "October 30th, 2007" title card.
17) Theatrical cut prison escape used. Scene rescored with "Last Assault" from the Halloween 1978 soundtrack.
18) Joe Grizzly's dialogue trimmed.
19) Joe Grizzly murder trimmed and rescored with "Wrought Iron Fence" from Halloween 2018.
20) Fixed continuity error with broken glass during the death of Joe Grizzly.
21) Custom "Haddonfield, Ill" and "October 31st, 2007" title cards.
22) Cut Laurie making sex jokes with a bagel during breakfast.
23) Michael finding his knife and mask rescored with "Halloween Main Theme" from Halloween 2018.
24) Scenes with Loomis and Smith's Grove officials trimmed.
25) Cut scene with Laurie and Lynda discussing Lynda's cheerleading incident.
26) Trimmed scene with Loomis and grave keeper.
27) Lynda and Bob's death scenes located later on in the film.
28) Cut Laurie and Lynda's phone conversation.
29) The Strodes murders rescored with "Schoolhouse" from Halloween 4.
30) Trimmed scenes with Laurie and Tommy throughout.
31) Trimmed scene in Brackett's office.
32) Paul and Annie's sex scene trimmed and death scene rescored with "Michael Kills Again" from Halloween 2018.
33) Michael chasing Laurie rescored with "Ray's Goodbye" from Halloween 2018.
34) Lynda and Bob scene moved to after Michael kidnaps Laurie.
35) Michael killing Bob rescored with "The Shape Kills" from Halloween 2018.
36) Michael's second chasing of Laurie rescored with "The Shape Hunts Allyson" from Halloween 2018.
37) Trimmed Loomis speaking to Michael before shooting him and trimmed the number of times Michael is shot.
38) Cut Laurie's screams after she shoots Michael.
39) Rescored closing credits with "Halloween Main Theme" and "Halloween Triumphant" from Halloween 2018.

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Especially loved the the rescores! Gives it a Halloween feel!

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