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FanMix January 18, 2014 5794
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Well that was a surprise. You know, I've seen this movie enough times via edits to where I thought I knew what I liked in the film, and what SHOULD have been kept, but this edit proved that I don't know crap. Because while I was waiting for what I thought were the stronger parts of the film to come, they never did and I realized I didn't really miss them all that much....especially in such a lean cut of this movie. Even the stuff that was horribly annoying in the other cuts wasn't annoying here...and that's pretty crazy.

My only complaint is that maybe the beginning stolen from The Fountain could have been trimmed a bit... maybe only show the guy holding the dagger up to the sky and stop there, and pan down into the present. I dunno. Something just felt a little off about it. Other than that, I got nothing but praise.

And that god that ending. I almost stood up and applauded. I couldn't imagine it was fixable...seriously, amazing!

What more could I want? HD....give me this brilliant cut in HD!!!!

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