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This was a really fun take on Indy 4 - Highly original, as is the way of TMBTM, and in parts, extremely effective. It's an alternate universe take on the film, full of 'what if's and interesting alternatives to the original film.

Some of the great highlights include:
- The opening from the Fountain. Great to see this long discussed idea finally realised. Some wonderful audio replacement work with the soundtrack from Raiders in this opening scene.
- Spell of the Skull - Very understated and clever editing, utilising footage from The Fountain again, and making it clearer why Indy reacts the way he does. Also clever rearranging of Marion's introduction. Worked well!
- As usual, I loved the added special effects. They were really fun, and often added to the story. The transition from the aliens teleporting to Indy and co ascending the well was wonderfully realised, and the way in which the footage from Avengers was utilised was great too.

Story wise, I wasn't as happy (but this is why I did my own Indy4 edit, to get rid of all the particulars that irked me! It's personal taste, and I accept this is Mask's happy version). There were some bold narrative changes, and I applaud the audacity ;) but I didn't really feel that some of the overdubbing to help create these story changes was very effective, notably in the graveyard scene, and the very last line of the film.

But overall, this is a fun edit full of surprises, offering a fresh take on a very stale movie. TMBTM, you've done it again :)

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