Riddick: Mercenary Station P7

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From IMDB: Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: One carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick's past.
From the nearly dialogue-free opening act, to the John Carpenter inspired just-eight-people-in-a-room scenes, there's a lot to like about this movie. Twohy's creativity is on full display, and Vin Diesel's taciturn presence effortlessly carries the simple plot forward. But it's also weighed down by considerable baggage from 'Chronicles of Riddick', with a forced framing story that loosely explains how Riddick goes from being "The Lord Marshall" of the Necromongers to being dumped and left for dead on a desert planet. Additionally, and unfortunately, the movie is further encumbered by some overt misogyny that adds nothing and just makes me constantly ask: What was Twohy thinking? This edit removes the framing story, most of the misogyny, makes an effort to be kinder to the animals, layers in new music, and re-orders the score for a more compelling experience.
Additional Notes:
All editing was done with Flowblade. I don't recommend it. This will be my last edit done with Flowblade.
Other Sources:
Larks' Tongue in Aspic - King Crimson (1973)
Discipline - King Crimson (1981)
Beat - King Crimson (1982)
The ConstruKtion of Light - King Crimson (2000)
Blow (2001) - Addtional music by Graeme Revell
freesound.org (various)
BBC free sounds (various)
Special Thanks:
Wraith and ArtisDead for weighing in on a small bit of the audio work and helping to boost my confidence.
That One Guy for expressing interest in my thread (which helped me push forward and commit to a release date).
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
* Added FE warning.
* Changed music in first scene.
* Removed Riddick strangling creature.
* Improved quality of voice-over.
* Removed Karl Urban's credit.
* Added custom title.
* Added dedicated credit for David Twohy.
* Removed flashback to Necromonger storyline.
* Removed the "back to my roots" scene (keeping the voice-over, just removing the visuals).
* Removed the "dominance" scene (wasn't present in the theatrical cut anyways; mostly removing because the lighting isn't great).
* Removed Riddick grabbing dog. Dog gives up the golf ball peacefully on the second ask.
* Added music when Riddick activates the beacon.
* Removed the prisoner/slave execution.
* Added music during "long night" (soundtrack & diagetic)
* Removed Riddick's creepiness in the bathroom.
* Shortened Dahl's grooming scene considerably.
* Removed some creepiness with Santana when Dahl leaves the bathroom.
* Removed fight between Santana and Dahl. It still happens, we just don't see it.
* Dahl interrupts Santana and punches on "Whor-" instead of letting him finish his sentence.
* Removed "I don't fsck guys..." line.
* Removed Vargas being condescending to Dahl re: power nodes.
* Changed music for "Dahl, get your sniper rifle".
* Changed music for "Look south...".
* Removed "retard bingo".
* Changed music for "Box boy..." (Riddick capture).
* During capture scene, dog escapes instead of being killed by Santana.
* Removed Dahl painting toe nails during interrogation.
* Added flashback to Johns Jr's death from Pitch Black
* Removed "dead animal pickup...balls deep...sweet-like...only cause she asked me too...etc."
* Removed "any special requests?" .
* Removed "matches your nipples" .
* Removed Lockspur's "I know what they are" line.
* Removed "...is that before or after I'm supposed to fsck him?"
* Changed music during Space Harleys.
* Removed Riddick's Space Harley barrel roll (he still burns the creatures, but in a more believable way).
* Changed music during "ground game".
* Changed music during Riddick's final scene on the cliff, and compressed the scene slightly.
* Dahl still rescues Riddick, but without the, "I need to ask you something" bit. Movie ends here.
* Removed spaceships-in-the-sky epilogue.
* Removed Necromonger postscript.

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Removing everything from 'Chronicles of Riddick' makes this a better story, with no unnecessary flashbacks. The viewer can interpret this film as a prequel to 'Chronicles of Riddick', no more context needed then.
The misogyny in the original was way over the top, most of it is gone here.

For some reason, the “space bike” scenes on the 3rd Act just don’t click with me; that section is a bit shorter here, but in my opinion more of it could be removed without losing anything.

I’ve noticed a few times when the dialogue lines get reduced a bit much, because of the new score, but nothing major.

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