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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by Moe_Syzlak — June 26, 2009 @ 7:34 pm

This may be my definitive version. I love that you got rid of the buzz droids and the opening scene moves at a much brisker pace, concluding in about 15 minutes. I still would’ve liked more removed from the balcony scene. I like it to cut away as soon as Anakin says “make that kind of motion in the Senate where it belongs.” Also, I really wish you’d have cut the wookie tarzan scream. Though I’m glad to see some of the squaking from that bird-lizard thing cut, I think more could’ve been trimmed. Why not just show Obi Wan peering over at the Separtists? We don’t need to see how he got there. Also at the beginning of the chase I really hate that they both jump into an abyss. Perhaps it is necessary since it shows Obi Wan dropping his lightsaber, but I really want that gone. And, while I don’t absolutely HATE it, the Palpatine voice-over about “any chance of saving Padme will be lost” while Anakin is in the Council Chambers seems unnecessary at best. I think the scene works much better without it, actually giving the audience some credit for understanding his internal conflict without it. I’d also love to see someone cut the crazy Yoda flip Palpatine does in the battle with Windu just before they break the window. The edits to the ending of that battle as Windu is killed are perfect, IMO. The whole Anakin becoming Darth Vader works much better now too. This is a minor quibble, but has always gnawed at me: after viewing the security footgae, how does Obi wan know to call Palpatine “Emperor”? He should still be referring to him as Chancellor, no? The whole Anakin/Obi Wan duel works much better now. I don’t miss the Sidious/Yoda duel at all. At first, it was a bit jarring that Sidious is suddenly on Mustafar, but it makes sense if you think about it. The dialogue edits when the medic droids are talking to the Jedis about Padme are perfect. I still would like to see more of the Vader scene cut. I think it could end right after the “yes master” line. As with the Phantom edits that were you inspiration, I feel the edits done are terrific and work very well. My issues are only that I would still like to see more and deeper cuts. 9/10
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