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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by Moe_Syzlak — April 9, 2009 @ 4:25 am

I agree almost totally with TMBTM. The emphasis on the distrust is great and the added Rebellion scenes with Mon Mothma work great. You could also add back in the “have you ever thought we may be on the wrong side” discussion between Anakin and Padme after the second of those scenes to really show Anakin doesn’t know who to trust. I also agree with TMBTM that the intro could be shorter. If ANYONE could lose the buzzdroids I’d be ecstatic! Also i have seen edits without the elevator shaft scene so i think that could be lost too. One thing I REALLY like is cutting to Anakin in the Jedi Council Chambers immediately after his confrontation with Palpatine. I’ve always thought his decision to tell mace Windu makes his fall that much more unbelievable and Windu already has said in an earlier scene he is going to arrest Palpatine once Grievous is destroyed. I do think the Anakin/Palpatine scene could be further cut so Anakin doesn’t SAY he is going to turn him in. Also, Mace saying “you are under arrest, my lord” should be cut IMO. Anakin hears him say that and it is much more effective if Anakin simply thinks it’s Mace vs. Palpatiine and both are not to be trusted. Also Anakin wants Palpatine alive so he can save Padme so leaving him to think Mace is definitely going to kill him is more effective. Also, I think the dialogue between Anakin and Obi wan during the Mustafar duel should definitely be cut. The “I have failed you” and everything after. There;s no need for that at this point and the dialogue is clunky to say the least. Overall, from a story perspective, I think you’ve made a huge improvement. I’d simply like to see some deeper cuts and to get the pacing down so it runs closer to 100 minutes, which I feel is a length at which the story can and should be told.
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