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I really enjoyed this cut of the film. I always liked Hal9000's takes on the Prequel Trilogy but there was always a small part of me that missed the Anakin/Padme scenes (cringe as they were), as they gave a more nuanced glimpse of Anakin's fall. Not only are they back in trimmed form (plus the earnestness, minus the cringe, IMP), but the restructure of the middle of the film really nails the gradual slope of Anakin's paranoia, desperation, and confusion, which Palpatine manipulates to his advantage.

I definitely agree with Hal9000's reasoning that the more nuanced motivations are at odds with the Original Trilogy's implication of how it went down, not to mention the problems with Padme dying and Leia's supposed memories of her mother (but maybe she meant Bail Organa's wife?). On the other hand, my preference is that the main story/emotional beats of a film play out more-or-less in the way the original director intended, and this is what we get here. The heaviest changes are the excisions of the Yoda/Sidious fight, and the Order 66 montage (both work to keep the film more focused on the main characters).

I particularly appreciated that the re-inserted scene of Obi-Wan and Yoda returning to the temple (taken out of Hal's edit) was re-inserted with edits to make the combat more defensive, rather than offensive (holding to OT sensibilities).

The OT-inspired video filter and music cues are used well and lean into the fact that the PT was made with the assumption that the OT had been seen first (no getting around that, despite Secior's best efforts). The video and audio are both top-notch.

I have nitpicks, but really, that's all they are. This is a focused cut of the film with inspired editing choices that make the film much stronger, easily rivaling Hal9000's. I absolutely love that the fan-editing community is building upon each other's inspiration. Who knows what the inevitable next cut will have in store?

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