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Easily the best take on RotS I've seen so far, for whatever that may be worth to you. Every time I sit down to watch one of these prequels, I' reaffirmed that they do suck just about as bad as everyone says, and while a lot of my fundamental issues with the film (just stemming from the production itself, as well as its sheer existence to some extent) prove to remain immutable here, this certainly feels like a far less grueling, more focussed, and just generally stronger execution of this film's story. I still don't necessarily have an investment in any of what I'm seeing on-screen - no amount of cutting can fix these performances, nor a good chunk of this dialogue - but with all of the excess, as well as a lot of the goofs and whatever other nonsense being worked around here, it is certainly a lot easier to accept, get into, and maybe even enjoy at one moment or another. In terms of visuals and continuity, every cut is flawless (plus the regrade makes these landscapes actually look... good!), and the subtle care given via some audio adjustments here just makes for a great watch (and listen) as well. With the runtime now sitting at just under two hours, this is probably about as well-paced a product you could get from the original; fluid as all hell and still consistently of greater coherence. In my eyes, this is about as good as it's ever gonna get.
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