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Really enjoyable French home invasion double feature. A/V quality was stellar throughout. The visual editing was very good. The only issue was with the subtitles of Revenge. It seemed as if every time there was an "It's" capitalized, the subtitles would put a large Mandarin (maybe) character instead of the apostrophe. It happened maybe a dozen times and was a minor irk but repeated a bunch of times.

The audio editing was superb. Cues used to blend cuts were never noticeable and the music was great. Both of these films have great audio to begin with.

Narratively, this is where the best work is done. I love Martyrs but had not seen Inside before (I know, I don't know how). So I picked it up but didn't watch it until after the edit. For Martyrs, judicious cuts were made to the flashbacks and the group and they were perfect. This narrative works even better as a tight hour. Nothing is lost and the ending is better. Basically the last 20 minutes hurl us to the interesting reveal. They are kept more mysterious until then. Bravo. For Inside, a different job was accomplished. You basically kept the entire narrative fully in tact and just nipped and tucked it down to an hour. Almost nothing was missed. It worked great for me for the first time and when I watched the theatrical version after I felt I preferred the shorter cut. So great job.

The only thing keeping my enjoyment from being a ten is the fact that there is only one chapter on the file! It's a double feature, man. If I want to watch Pregnant let me just click a button not fast forward an hour.

But regardless, I would probably watch them back to back each time. They go together perfectly and both are edited phenomenally. Thanks for making this edit for the few of us out there who appreciate this type of stuff.

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January 09, 2016
Thanks for the review.
I know what you mean with that subtitle on Revenge
Fore some reason the subtitle on my blu-ray didn't work when it was convert to MP4
So i used a extern subtitle, it was the only one who worked in sync with the movie so i used that one
I saw that mandarin shit, it pissed me of in the process, but there was nothing i could do about it. The fact is that i wanted to make a nice bloody feature and that was the reason to go on with it
But man, i love that shotgun, i created a heaver sound when she pulls that trigger
1 results - showing 1 - 1