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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by TMBTM — November 8, 2011 @ 11:06 pm

Another good Episode 1 edit that feels a bit short to me.
Like I said before: that’s the price to pay.

I like:
- The new scenes reorganization works well.
- I particulary liked the Queen’s ship landing on tatooine at night because Maul lands directely after. Well done.
- With Sidious removed, Maul’s presence is very interesting in this edit. He IS the Phantom Menace here (until the last dialogue between Mace and Yoda where we learn that there could be “another”.
- less Jar jar and no Gungan City at all works well. Although… I always thought that one of the main goals of an Episode 1 fanedit should be to make Jar jar interesting (some edits did that with new subtitles and things like that) without removing him too much. But that’s just me.

Things I like less (and nitpickings) :
- Some scenes felt a bit short.
- Jar Jar’s first lines removal is too obvious.The cut did not work for me.
- I felt some music transitions needed more work. (But all in all it’s okay)
- Anakin does not say he built 3PO, but since he still says that he built a podracer in the same scene (and put the last eye on 3PO) it’s a bit obvious that he also built the droid. BUT… a little ambiguity is still better than the original.
- I’m one of the few who like the scene of Anakin searching for Padme, and his little talk with “the Queen”. It was part of the few scenes Lucas shot after the main production (IIRC) and the purpose was because we do not see “Padme” for a very long time on screen and it’s a way to explain why to the audience. That is funny because, if anything I feel this scene is THE one where it’s very obvious that Padme and the Queen are the same person… But I don’t know why I like this scene and I feel it’s missing here. To me.
- I never like that shot of Anakin turning suddenly to Qui gonn when this one says “things have become much more complicated”. IIRC, this scene is a bit longuer than in the theatrical cut. Things like this shot were added in that scene for the DVD release. And that shot is very strange, like it means something important that we don’t understand. All in all, I feel it’s odd.

Anyway, enough nitpickings.
I rate this edit 8/10.
Could have rated it more if it was released 2 or 3 years ago, but now, with all the prequels edits out, I tend to rate differently.
Good job for a first fanedit. And good job period.
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