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8.7 9 10
FanFix July 23, 2012 3575
(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by mntpowder — July 30, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

Thank you for this edit. This is everything that Episode 1 should have been. All the stupid hi jinx are gone. There is just enough to make Jar Jar what he was supposed to be; minor comedy relief as the droids were in the OT. Gone is all the ludicrous and in its place is a well balanced action adventure worthy of the Star Wars name. This is by and far my definitive version. I have seen countless edits from The Phantom Editor to The Gathering Storm and again, this beats them all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the trilogy!

SUPER 10/10. If I could I would rate this and 11 or higher.
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