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I'm gonna start by saying that Return of the Jedi is and has always been my favorite Star Wars movie and I was waiting forward for seeing this fanedit. I never disliked Ewoks but then again haven't really loved them either.

The battle on the moon of Endor has always been inferior to the space battle to me and this edition didn't change that. I like that many silly parts were cut but still I would wanted to see Ewoks destroy the walkers. The battle was way wore realistic but also felt a bit one sided and therefore maybe less exciting. The editing however was done very well during the battle.

There were some nice dialogue cuts here and there but I didn't really feel they made much difference in enjoyment. Now that I think of it, I'd rather wanted to see Han Solo and Lando / Leia talks. The Jedi Rocks cut was ok but I would rather have seen the original material there and not the bad CGI characters.

The biggest flaw in this edition was the video quality. The HD version (.mp4) just didn't look as sharp as Q2's fandit for example. It seems the video quality was suffered by re-encoding already encoded material. The audio quality also wasn't as good as I would have hoped. In addition the volume seems to go mystically lower at around 1h 11mins which was a bit annoying. Otherwise the audio editing was was done well, and I really liked the music addition to the Obi Wan scene. Got goosebumps there!

I'm sure this edition works for those who didn't quite like Return of the Jedi that much. For me, it didn't deliver that much. The problems with audio and video really lowered the enjoyment. I hate to say that I think I like the original more than this one. This was actually the first time for a long time that I absolutely didn't love the viewing experience of Return of the Jedi.

Props for bringing an alternative, good quality fanedit of Return of the Jedi. I'm sure many like this more than original. It just wasn't quite for me. Without the video and audio problems I probably would have liked it a bit more.

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(Updated: April 23, 2017) April 23, 2017
I wanted to address some of the technical concerns that you had with the edit.

When it comes to video quality, I never have had any issues with it or anyone else. My main source was Harmy's DeEd 2.5 and it has a lot of grain in it so maybe that's why? I compared it to Q2's and I also could not notice any glaring differences in video quality.

I then checked the 1 hr 11 min section of the movie, and I heard no drops in audio levels. I went back into the project file too and it showed that nothing was tampered with there either.

Thank you for the review! I just want to make sure that I can resolve any technical gripes you had with it.
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