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Return of the Jedi: Remastered
January 31, 2017    
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This was very well done. The film is more serious with most of the cheesy and childish parts significantly reduced. This film is much closer in tone to the other 2 and the second half no longer feels like it was made for 6 year olds. Personally i would have axed even more of the ewoks, they are just so insidiously cute even when they try to be serious. It was good seeing them get their ass kicked tho :) I also personally hate the luke/leia brother/sister thing but until we all get our collective memories wiped i don't think its going anywhere. But these are really criticisms of the source material and scriptwriting, darthrush's remastered edit is far superior to the original and absolutely canes the latest special editions travesty.

Video and audio - are both excellent, incredibly minor mismatches in only a couple of places in the whole film.
Editing - fantastic apart from one or two spots when some added fx edit just didnt quite hit the same quality as the rest of the film.
Narrative - was solid, still easy to follow without the cut scenes and made the tale more engaging.
Enjoyment - 9/10 which is as high as i ever see myself ever giving this film. In fact for it to get 10 there would have to be storntroopers with flamethrowers creating bbg'd ewoks.

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